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Catch of the Week: Oysters

Quick Facts: Vitamins A, B12, and zinc can be found in oysters. 
They are harvested wild in the Gulf of Mexico, near New Orleans, and commercially grown in mid- Atlantic states and the West Coast.   Larger oysters are harvested from the East Coast while West Coast oysters are much smaller in size. 

How to Prepare: EFC suggests eating oysters raw on the half shell to really discover its true flavors.  We sell all hardware necessary to open them at our Store. Raw oysters can be accentuated with a Mingonette Sauce or home-made Cocktail Sauce.  A Mingonette Sauce is typically vinegar based with touches of shallot and light hints of sugar, while Cocktail Sauce adds tang with ketchup and zing of horseradish.

If eating raw oysters does not sound appealing, there are multiple cooking techniques.  In the south, it is traditional to grill oysters whole as the natural juices steam and open the shell.  To grill, make sure your grill is hot, place oysters cup side down.  After about 8 minutes oysters should start to open.  Oysters are done once you see the first oyster open.  Be sure to shuck oysters free from the muscle attached to the shell and enjoy!

Or try upgrading your usual week day side dish with oysters by trying Paula Deen’s Oyster Dressing Recipe.

At EFC: Our retail store consistently stocks Delaware Bay Oysters, from Port Norris, New Jersey, by the dozen.  We prefer these because of it’s large size, the shell is about three to four inches in size, and the meat has a great ocean flavor with mild tasting oyster liquor.  Dial 440-951-6448 to reach our store and request different types! Our store associates are more than happy to help you find the perfect flavor for your next dinner for two or dinner party.

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