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2 Easy Sustainable Seafood Apps

Industry conferences are relevant to Euclid Fish Company because we discover so many new technologies.  One notable technology from the Golbon Fall Partner’s Conference was the increased functionality of two notable sustainable seafood mobile phone applications.  These applications are built so consumers can source sustainable seafood whether at the grocery store or when finding a restaurant in town.  Try these apps to keep up with industry trends:

  1. Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch – With this application, search restaurants using sustainable seafood options as well as look up options while shopping at the grocery store.  Ever confused at an authentic sushi house?  Look up Japanese translations of fish species to figure out which seafood is being offered.  Find a great fish monger like Euclid Fish?  Add it to your sustainable fish directory for future reference.  Available for Apple products and Android.
  2. FishPhone – Created by the Blue Ocean Institute, search through seafood which is abundant – over-fished (and all in between) by interpreting the simple key.  Green for abundant, to indicate it is a smart purchase at your market or fish monger.  Red for over-fished, and should be avoided to let the species build up it’s population.  On the Apple App Store, this application was rated 3.5 of 4 stars for its ability to search as well as it’s recipe and wine pairing suggestions.  Available for Apple products.

Did we mention these are free?  Try one of these apps and tell us what you think by leaving a comment or mentioning us on Twitter @EuclidFishCo !

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