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Trends In Sustainability

According to the National Marines Fisheries Service, sustainability in regards to seafood is defined as, “Seafood is sustainable when the population of that species of fish is managed in a way that provides for today’s needs without damaging the ability of the species to reproduce and be available for future generations.”  Sustainable seafood varieties have been made easy to find with the use of great mobile apps.  Euclid Fish Company carries many varieties, just ask our store associates, however one farmer, is taking it to the next level – sustainable produce using fish.

Mark Doherty, founder of Aqua Vita Farms out of Sherril, New York, dually creates blue gill fish using aquaponics and grows lettuce using the hydroponic technique.  Here the fish are used to create nutrients for the growing lettuce and by filtering the water.  The baby fish allow the lettuce to be grown without fertilizer.  The lettuce is delivered to restaurants within one to two days after being fully grown.    Aqua Vita Farms is additionally sustainable operating out of an old warehouse which is equipped with “green” green house lights and is located next to highways which reduces travel times to restaurants and carbon emissions.  Below is a variety of Aqua Vita Farm’s heirloom lettuce.

Lettuce in the Growing Phase

More benefits to the operation include year round production and fresh tasting product.  Additionally Doherty is innovating his operations by experimenting with more aquaponic processes for tilapia.   This is one company to watch for!

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