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Fish to Fight the Flu?

Fish has be recognized as one of the six top immune boosting foods.  Other foods include onions, mushrooms, yogurt, eggs, and beans according to Tonia Reinhard author of Superfoods  and Dr. Joel Fuhrman author of Super Immunity.  Eating these foods allows the body to build up a natural immunity because of the food’s nutritional value.  If one eats these foods along with other healthy meals for two months, there will be notable difference on one’s health. 

Fish like salmon, trout, and tuna are recommended to eat two servings per week because of thier natural oils and omega 3 fatty acids.  These nutrients allow the body to increase white blood cell activity, boosting immunity.  The Mayo Clinic, a research based group, confirms other benefits of nutrition of oily fish reporting, “Several large studies of populations (“epidemiologic” studies) report a significantly lower rate of death from heart disease in men and women who regularly eat fish.”  In addition omega 3 fatty acid can reduce blood pressure along with a healthy diet. 

Integrate more seafood in your diet to enhance overall health! These fish can be prepared quite simply by seasoning and baking in the oven at 350 degrees.  An approximate ten minutes per each inch of thickness is recommended cooking times.  The EFC Kitchen also has other simple recipes posted.

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