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The Wonderful World of Shellfish

We may be known for our amazing clambakes and the traditional hard-shell East Coast Middleneck but we have been seeing amazing variety this week. The Mid-Atlantic has been the breadbasket of seafood this season due to our mild winter. This allows different species to thrive and grow most notably shellfish. Shellfish is something of an umbrella term but includes Crustaceans (Lobster, Crabs, Shrimp) Clams, Oysters, Scallops, Abalone, Snail. We have seen tremendous variety in all specie but most notably shellfish. We believe that every fish has its own story and we can go on for days with these! Our diverse clientele demands that we have the traditional items to the delicacies such as these.

We source both wild caught and harmoniously farmed seafood from eco friendly and responsible stewards of the oceans. All harvest tags are kept on file for 90 days and are in complete compliance with all HACCP Shellfish Plans. Most clams, scallops and oysters are harvested (both wild and farmed) using large dredge systems with minimal damage and by catch to the ocean environments or by hand using rakes. Clams were one of the first managed fisheries in the country by law. Learn more about aquaculture.

The cooler weather has only helped clam growth on the Eastern seaboard. Cooler temperature mean harder shells and sweeter, more tender meat. Take these Atlantic Razor Clams for example also known as the Switchblade Clam. The inner body of these clams are the same length of the shell. They burrow down in the sand using its foot end while the top siphon end propels itself deeper in the cold sand. These are rake harvested and shipped to us alive. They are harvested, rinsed and sent here to Mentor, OH. Ask your representative or our market experts to see and try some of these East Coast beauties and watch this video for a fun recipe to enjoy their earthy clam flavor.


Ever hear of “Singing Scallops”? These are Taylor Bay Scallops. They have been bred over generations time for their bright and attractive shells. They are raised in the natural currents and temperature of the Atlantic Ocean in nets suspended in the water with 500 scallops to a net by a network of floats and buoys. One piece has 90 calories with 17g of protein and 7g of saturated fats. These too are shipped to us alive and are highly perishable. These move very fast in our facility and don’t last long! They can be steamed cooked and are eaten with all the meat in it for more flavors.


Who doesn’t like oysters? It’s said that Aphrodite was born out of an oyster shell and the large BBQ Elkhorn Oysters in this picture may have been able to do so. These 5-6 inch oysters in the middle and on the right can filter out 55 gallons of water in ONE DAY! Elkhorn oysters come to us from Washington State and have a mossy, crisp taste to them with a very rough outer shell characteristic to the Elkhorns. These oysters are as big as your hand!


Variety lives at Euclid Fish Company. If you have seen or tried something on that vacation to Hilton Head, Fiji, Brazil or Cape Cod, we have it or can get it in for you. Just ask! The ocean brings us variety, we bring the ocean to you.

-Euclid Fish Co-


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