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Changing Seasons in the Fish Business

The wide world of seafood lives and dies on the seasonality of fresh fish spanning the globe. Before the advent of advanced refrigerated transportation and aquaculture, seasonality played more of a true factor in the seafood business. As we discussed in our last posting, sustainability and fishery management is the future. Almost every single fishery stock that comes out of domestic waters are regionally managed by government, observations from the scientific community and private sector input. The Mid-Atlantic is a prime example of a well managed fishery. From Winter and Summer Fluke, to the above pictured Rock Fish AKA Striped Bass, almost every species is split into fishing zones and catch shares between fishermen. Striped Bass is prized for its snow white color when cooked and its meaty flake and perfect balance of oils and sweetness. Some of the most delicate, tender and prized species are still dictated by seasonality. This can be a factor of fishing quotas, spawning periods, and as always by Mother Nature. Fishing in season allows certain species to reproduce and to grow to marketable size.

We carry “Stripers” in their peak seasons and we strive to promote fish like Striped Bass to support these fishermen, their communities and to keep this stock healthy for years to come. We offer both the whole dressed 2-4 lb fish, their fillets and the Large Striped Bass that run up to 20 to 30 lbs! The biggest Striped Bass on record is a whopping 67 pounds! This responsibly managed fishery provides an example for all state managed fisheries.

This then falls under the realm of seasonality. The most well known seasonal fish is Alaskan Salmon, Alaskan Halibut, Stone Crab Claws, Striped Bass and Gulf of Maine Shrimp. The Magnuson-Stevens Act along with the Lacey Act has helped keep these delicate seasonal fisheries in check along with the vested intrests of the fishermen so they keep fishing generations to come.  

Fishing out of season comes with strict penalties and becomes a felony if one is charged in violating the Lacey Act. Poaching can lead to loss of fishing licenses, gear and your vessel. A scallop license costs up to several million dollars for example! The Department of Justice has given strict penalties in terms of loss of license, massive fines, and jail time. Poaching still goes on but those prosecuted fall under extreme scrutiny and punishment.

So when the Stripers are in season, jump on it and you will not be sorry by their amazing flavor and the even better reward knowing that fisherman are selecting choice fish for Euclid Fish to offer to you.

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