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It All Started in Boston…

It turned out to be a stellar showcase at the International Boston Seafood show last week. Your favorite fishmongers from Mentor had the distinct privilege of sending three representatives for a four day whirlwind of seeing the best that the fish business had to offer. We always enjoy going back to Boston for this annual super meeting of the fish world as it allows us to meet with our trusted suppliers and peers from across the United States to strategize, build and meet.

While we were in attendance we saw several themes that will set the tone for the seafood industry

1) Education and support to raise awareness from the manufacturer to distributor to the chef and consumer and help facilitate a common theme of responsibility.

2) Continue to Source Sustainably from captain to diner. This is done by using social media in new levels of communication between supplier and distributor and for companies to keep educating the consumer on proper and healthy selections in the trends of market demands,

3) Seafood has more health benefits than you think. The 2010 Dietary Guidelines published by the USDA. When it comes to your health, trust where your buy your fish from. The science doesn’t lie.

This trip also allows industry leaders to reflect of times of yesterday and many years ago on how the industry began from Native Americans fishing along the coasts to the Vikings and the Basques the to Pilgrims who started and based the New England Economy off of the Cod Trade. Even the Massachusetts State House has an immaculate carving of “The Sacred Cod” hanging from the chamber practically worshipping the fish and the importance of the fish to the industry. But times that not much far ago as well for generations of family business that have known each others from the first generations all the way to the fifth in some cases. The Boston Seafood Show allows these generations to meet once again, network and to build business even more. And of course, friendly competition exists on the floor as well. But most importantly, the Show allows all in attendance to look forward to a great year. But, it all started in Boston and still is a major nerve center to the American economy of seafood.

It was great to see some of our trusted suppliers and to observe some new products being developed. Another great feature were the “featured country” booths ranging from China, Norway, Sicily, Malaysia, Thailand, Chile and more.

Stay tuned for more developments!

-Euclid Fish Co



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