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Euclid Fish Company has consistently brought variety to our various markets from several responsibly sourced bodies of water. Just recently, Hawaii was experiencing very turbulent seas causing that fishery to close up for several weeks. Turbulent seas mean bumpy skies for airplanes making product that much more difficult to get state side, especially to Cleveland Hopkins Airport. The seas did calm down allowing the Hawaiian fisheries to open up recently most notably last week where we saw some of the first Hawaiian fish to hit our docks here in Mentor, Ohio. We have often seen Orange Nairagi, Hebi, Tombo, Blue Prawns and Mong Chong to name a few.This week, we were able to get our hands on three Hawaiian beauties!

Opelu-Kalu is a reef fish with a rough black skin and tapered body giving it speed and agility in the tail to evade predators and grab a quick bite. The skin is similar to a shark with its rugged skin. The large eyes on the fish help it see smaller crabs on the reef giving it a light taste. When preparing this fish, its best to hot sear similar to tuna leaving the inside on the rare side like a sashimi. It has a bright white flesh and is similar to Pompano being a sweet taste and light flake. One of the more curious fish on our docks!!

Emperor Mu (Yokoshira Kurodai): The big eyes, big lips and red fins on the Emperor Mu give it its characteristic look. This delectable specimen has a flavor profile between snapper and grouper. It has a reddish flesh and is related to Porgies. For it being a warm water fish, it is a very lean fish. These fish are typically caught by hand spear one by one. The biggest tip for looking for something off the wall is to simply ask! We are your local fish and foodservice experts, chances are that if it swims in water, we will have it! Be sure to follow these guidelines when selecting fresh seafood!We are special request experts, do not hesitate to let us help you source that special dish or exotic fish! Call your sales rep or visit us at our Mentor Market! -Euclid Fish Company


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