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May Market Specials

The EFC Market is now offering our May Specials!  We have great deals on a wide assortment of fresh seafood varieties and hand selected center of the plate portions.  Below you will find a list of our May specials now available in our market:


  • Maryland Soft Shell Crab: Known as one of America’s favorite seafood delicacies, this crab is the only commercially available soft-shell crab on the market.  Because the shell is soft, and completely edible, this is one of our top sellers this season.  Only $7.99 each.
  • Atlantic Lobster Tails: Our 14/16 oz. succulent tails are always a fan favorite, especially when craving an extra special dinner.    Only $26.99/ lb.
  • Farmland Honey Brown Pit Ham: Perfect for all occasions! Hardwood smoked for a rich country flavor and has cure throughout for a natural sweetness.    Only $3.99/ lb.
  •  Fresh Organic Salmon:  Clare Island Organic Salmon is from the pristine waters of Ireland west coast.  Certifiably Organic and no anti-biotics added- an excellent source of Omega-3. Only $14.99 lb.
  • Sea Mazz Shrimp: Our 21/25 Cooked Sea Mazz Shrimp is firm and sweetly flavorful.  A delicious addition to any healthy diet, this shrimp is totally free of saturated fat and is a significant source of protein.  Serve cold with a dipping sauce, or in a pasta or salad, you cant go wrong.   Only $19.99/ 2 lb. bag.
  • Farmland 2DN Baby Back Ribs:  A wonderful way to fill your plate! Our baby back ribs are hand trimmed for consistent shape and minimal fat.  Extra tender with excellent flavor for only $3.69/lb.
  • PEI Mussels: Some of the most cleanest, consistently sized mussels available anywhere! Harvested from the briny, rich waters surrounding Prince Edward Island.  Only $23.95/ 10 lb. bag.
  • Sea Mazz Special Crabmeat: Wild caught in Southeast Asia, processed from 100% live blue swimming crab and hand picked to ensure the highest attainable quality.  Try this pearly white and succulent crab meat for only $15.99/ 1lb. can.
  • Sea Mazz PD Tail on Shrimp: Unparalleled taste and texture, selected to exacting quality standards.  We can assure you, this shrimp perfect every time! Only $19.99/ 2 lb. bag.
  •  With the season just around the corner, we should be seeing Copper River Kings/ Sockeyes in any day. Call ahead to reserve yours today!

Stay tuned for our Mother’s Day Specials next week!


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