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Irresistible Selections in the Retail Market

Euclid Fish is known for their variety in the seafood case. Fresh seasonal fish sourced globally, an assortment of shellfish, and frozen convenience seafood is always consistent, always fresh, and always available. Fresh selections, recipes and a friendly staff are always here to help you prepare the perfect meal for dinner, or a family get together. Although all the ingredients to your perfect meal are provided within the retail market, we know that sometimes you just do not have the time to prepare a meal from scratch. We want to help you! Our market chef has been busier than ever back in her kitchen preparing dish after dish to give you the convenience that you deserve. Our fresh seafood mixed with locally grown produce, delicious spices, and other quality ingredients, our chef brings to you daily variety and endless selections in the market. No preparing, no cooking, no mess, our ready to serve dinner selections are ready and more delicious than ever… Trust us! Plus they are healthy too!

Check out some of our chef’s delicious dishes below:








*Fire Roasted Scampis with Homegrown Tomatoes and Hot Peppers








*Grilled Salmon with Fresh Citrus Juices








*Pan Seared Swordfish with Spinach Linguine








*Salmon with Capers and Artichoke Hearts









*Mussel Rissoto

Although these are just a few, you can find a different selection of seafood dishes daily! Always fresh, always delicious!


Eat Fish… Live Longer!

The Euclid Fish Company

P.S.- Have you tried one of our chef’s ready to serve seafood dishes? We want your feedback! What was your favorite? What dishes would you like to see in the market? Lets hear it!

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