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Euclid Fish continues to see excellent product into our facility from our trusted partners. Sourced globally, our selection and variety continues to grow daily! Check out just a few of our selections below-








Known to be an iconic American fish, American Red Snapper have been extremely popular among commercial and recreational fishermen alike. But with this popularity, the industry had immediately come to a halt. Red Snapper had quickly become over fished and under the level scientists had determined to be considered sustainable. In other words, as the red snapper population declined, the number of fishermen stayed the same, depleting this once abundant resource. In 2007, the Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council and NOAA Fisheries implemented an Individual Fishing Quota program. With this program in place, the amount of fishermen in the commercial industry were reduced and the industry improved the operations of the fishery. In just a few short years, the industry was back in business. Fishermen are no longer exceeding catch limits the red snapper stock is rebuilding as planned. With every year passing, the catch limit increases to hopefully one day become what it was! As the building process continues, this fish remains a rarity as supplies are hard to come by.








Found in the Atlantic, Fluke (Summer Flounder) is highly valued for its lean white meat and delicate flavor. Although this fish can be found almost year round, now is the time when product is at it’s best, known to be a popular fall item. Something interesting? Summer flounder are called “chameleons of the sea” because of their ability to change color to match the bottom on which they are found. Product arriving from the Atlantic have been consistent and of excellent quality! Whole fish will be arriving into out facility this week.








Something new? Onaga Queen Snapper caught off of the Florida Keys. Onaga is revered as one of the best snappers in the world! Because if its high flavor content, it is used as both, sashimi and cooked. Raw Onaga has a gorgeous pink flesh with a soft texture and mild sweetness. Cooked Onaga is white with a delicate, sweet flavor and large flakes. Queen Snapper makes for an excellent specialty menu item.








Genuine Farmed Redfish Fillet. Red drum has long been prized by recreational and commercial fishermen. Its distinctive flavor drove extraordinary consumer demand, transforming the popular game fish from a culinary unknown to center-of-the-plate stardom. The thrill had become to popular among fishermen, that Gulf Coast States eventually put a halt on all catch. Because of the love for the fish, aquaculture technology began to develop the first commercial redfish farm. Today, red drum catch remains tightly restricted but fortunately enough, red drum aquaculture gives us the opportunity to enjoy this spectacular fish! Look for availability at Euclid Fish Company.

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