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A Feast of Seven Fishes!

No meat on Christmas? Yes, this is an extremely popular tradition during the holidays known as the Feast of Seven Fishes, most often celebrated by the Italian heritage.  Italians know how to celebrate on Christmas Eve- Not with just one seafood dish, but seven! Sometimes even more.

You may ask, what are these famous seafood dishes for the holidays? Below is a list of some of our most requested and favorite seafood selections for the holiday.

  • Squid: A classic Italian dish that just about everyone loves! Popular recipes include stuffed calamari in tomato sauce or fried calamari rings.
  • Baccala, also known as Salted Cod: A classic Feast of Seven Fishes ingredient!  Popular recipes include Salted cod in tomato sauce or a poached baccala salad.
  • Mussels: Take your pick- serve ‘em on the half shell or mixed within a dish. Either way, mussels remain a crowd pleaser. Popular recipes include steamed mussels topped with a garlic mix, or mix in your favorite pasta dish. Keep it traditional, this means LOTS of garlic, white wine and spices.
  • Periwinkles: Yes, snails are topping the charts! Great cooked with an array of olive oils or a light tomato sauce.
  • Clams: Everyone knows and loves the classic linguini with clam sauce! Also an excellent pick, Clams and Mussels in a white wine sauce.
  • Eels: Yet another popular tradition! Popular preparation includes; baked, marinated and fried! Our most popular recipe, Eel Livornese.
  • Oysters: Raw or Cooked, take your pick. Either way, oysters remain a fan favorite. Baked, broiled, marinated, fried, or slurp them down raw, there are numerous ways to eat this holiday favorite.
  • Other popular selections include: Lobster tails, crabmeat, shrimp and smelt.

 Look for blog posts throughout the week with featured holiday seafood recipes, simple and easy, for this year’s holiday cooking.

Happy Holidays!

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