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Skuna Bay Salmon

So what is all the Skuna Bay buzz? And why is Euclid Fish such an advocate for this brand?

One word we thrive on here at Euclid Fish is transparency. “Transparency implies openness, communication, and accountability. Transparency is operating in such a way that it is easy for others to see what actions are performed.” With this word in mind, we always keep our chefs and customers our top priority.

Our team at Euclid Fish has been head over heels about seafood since 1944. We are innovators and partner with industry leaders to bring you only the very best. We feel that by providing quality food solutions, specialties, natural, wild, farmed, and sustainable products, we are supplying you and your team with the best. Trust us, we are passionate about seafood.

The seafood industry is what keeps us going, what keeps us interested and what keeps us motivated every day. Our lives revolve around this constantly growing industry, from the different species, to seasonality, prevalent trends and popular demand. Even with our seafood experts working around the clock, it is tough to keep up with the latest quotas, sustainability efforts, farming concerns and responsible sourcing. We do our best to source only the finest products in our doors and out to chefs and consumers. So, believe us when we tell you, Skuna Bay Salmon is the real deal.

Skuna Bay salmon is the true definition of a transparent product. We are proud to be the exclusive distributor of Skuna Bay Salmon here in Ohio, western Pennsylvania, and northern Kentucky. So what is all the hype? If you have not yet heard, let us take a minute to explain.

• The salmon are raised in isolated sites chosen for their perfect natural ocean waters. Skuna Bay Salmon are craft raised in Nootka Sounds, off the coast of Vancouver Island, Canada. Each farm is Best Aquaculture Practice Certified, assuring that the salmon are craft-raised the right way, and the best way possible.
• Skuna Salmon are raised in glacier fed waters that are pristine and untouched. There are strong tidal ocean currents that provide the right conditions with fast flowing tides, cold, clear water and perfect salinity to help build thick, muscular bellies.
• At least 98.4% of the salmon’s pen is water. Only 1.5% is Skuna Bay Salmon. This provides them that important space to be in constant motion to build strong, healthy muscle.
• What do the Salmon eat? Fish should eat fish, but not too much to reduce wild stocks. Skuna fish food is 25% from fish meal or fish oil. All the fish come from certified sustainable fisheries.
• As a family-owned processor, only six approved salmon experts are allowed to hand clean, inspect, select and pack Skuna Bay Salmon. ONLY 6% of fish make the Skuna Bay grade.
• The Craft. Skuna Bay has pioneered its own exclusive process so you can experience fresh-from-the-ocean salmon every time. Fish are harvested in a completely relaxed state because a relaxed fish is a good fish with firm texture. Speed to the processor is critical so they can be hand-cleaned before going into rigor, which results in great texture.
• Talk about a low carbon footprint. Each Skuna Salmon is packed in a completely recyclable box in the marketplace, signed by the farmer who packed it and sealed with a tamperproof tape to ensure nobody touched the fish on its journey. True definition of farm to table.
• To build on the lower carbon foot print, each fish is never flown; they are only delivered by truck.
• With all steps completed, once you open the box, you are left with the best quality fish out there. You can expect a 10+ lb. fish with a thick and meaty belly, intense and well-presented fat lines, and a firm fish, rich and pink in color. Once you taste it, you will never forget the mild, buttery fresh taste.

Now can you see why we love it so much?

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