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Updates from the Boston Seafood Show

It is always fantastic going to Boston Seafood Show to see the heritage of fishing and the generations of families that have made this industry what it is today. At the show, we met with several major fish house suppliers on the Boston Fish Pier to discuss trends and updates within the industry. We have received some excellent information from our team members who have arrived home from the show Tuesday.

*Species like Ocean Trout, Dorade, Bronzini, Rainbow Trout, Cobia and Skuna Bay were all heralded as the future of our business. These are all major menu trends coming into the fore front for those major advocates of sustainable seafood.

* Spring brings new species with Wild Salmon soon coming to fruition. The Alaska Fish and Game Department actually has mass hatcheries that hatch these wild sockeye salmon and release them into different rivers and they then spend their life cycle at sea, where they then come back to mate in the Rivers where they were released.

*Alaska/ North Pacific Halibut season is about to begin! Fishing will open at midnight on March 23rd and will close on November 7th. The quota has been reduced again this year and demand has increased, so we expect prices to be higher than last year at the start of the season.
On a positive note, we are actually on the cusp of the launch of many fisheries and by the time Easter arrives, you will see the market open up on many recipes.

*The aftershock of the Chinese New Year is still being felt in our business. Tuna has been tight since and will continue to be a hard commodity. Product is coming from around the globe to satisfy the demand. Bigeye has replaced Bluefin Tuna as the choice fish, and we are now sourcing Albacore Tuna which has been solid.

*Lent really stirs the pot for South American Fish in our area. These fish stay south in South America and Mexico where Lent is prominent, forcing us to higher pricing for our warm water payments. We have been bringing in great Lane Snapper, KingClip and Cobia.

*Salmon from around the globe have all increased in pricing and is expected to remain high for the whole year, with slight release in the summer. Most of this is due to the feed prices increasing, and a major creditor crunch in Chile causing almost all large sizes to vanish. We have secure lined to Scottish, Vancouver, Chile and will have consistent product for your spring.

*This is peak bad weather time in the Atlantic and some species like Stripers, Black Bass, Fluke, and Flounder have all seen spikes. March brings angry seas and with that, a tough time for fish.

*Walleye lake fish will be great starting next week. White Bass has been coming in nice!

*Looking ahead, we are actually on the cusp of the launch of many fisheries and by the time Easter arrives, you will see the market open up on many species.

Welcome to the world of the seafood; An industry that is always changing, yet remains to be one of the most fascinating industries in the world.

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