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Honey Smoked Salmon

Have you tried our Honey Smoked Salmon?

Trust us when we say, this is the best smoked salmon we have tasted yet. The finest fresh salmon, fully cooked, brought to you from the smokehouse of Honey Smoked Fish Co. in Colorado. Each salmon fillet is marinated in a blend of natural herbs, spices, honey, lemon and salt. It is then hot smoked, with pure hickory wood in their secret firing process ensuring a moist and flavorful product.

Honey Smoked Salmon is fresh out of the oven and never frozen. Each fillet is infused with honey and smoked with all natural hickory wood, produced with 100% natural ingredients. Plus, each fillet is loaded with health benefits! Salmon has the highest concentration of Omega 3 fatty acids, more than any other fish, meat or poultry source. You know you are getting the highest quality product available in the smoked market.

Best yet, you can use our Honey Smoked Salmon in just about anything. We like to call it the wonder food! As weird as this may sound, try salmon for breakfast. Add it to your eggs, on bagels and cream cheese or a French toast/ cream cheese sandwich. Lunch or Dinner options, the list is endless. Wraps, rice, salads, sandwiches, pasta, pizza and quesadillas are all great with honey smoked salmon added to your favorite recipe. Below are a couple of salad, appetizer and sandwich recipes provided from Honey Smoked Fish.

Honey Smoked Salmon Pinwheel Honey Smoked Salmon Peppered Hone Smoked Salmon Pasta Smoked Salmon Quesadilla

Honey Smoked Apps and Sandwich’s
Honey Smoked Salad


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