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We’ve Gone Gulf Wild!

Good news here at Euclid Fish!! We have partnered up with Gulf Wild to offer sustainable and transparent tracking solutions to the Gulf of Mexico (domestic) fisheries. Gulf Wild was created by environmentally conscious, working Gulf fishermen. Gulf Wild involves a unique suite of sustainability, seafood safety, tracking, and marketing solutions under a single label. They are the first to provide real-time tracking of Gulf of Mexico seafood back to its original suppliers, thereby ensuring the safety and authenticity of wild-caught finfish in the Gulf.

How does it work? There is a traceable tag that that tells you the journey of the fish. The tag attached to your fish is the Social Security Number of your Snapper and Grouper. It tells you the type of fish it is, the name and background of the captain and his/her vessel, Fish house and city where the fish was landed, and harvesting location down to a 10 square mile area in the Gulf where the fish was caught. You can tell the story of the fisherman and the fish to your guest by providing this number and the link to this company. We are bringing in stunning American Red Snapper, Hog Snapper and Red Grouper.

Below you will find two pictures, one of the tag found on every Gulf Wild Fish and the actual fish its self (quite possibly the best Snapper we have seen in house.)
Gulf Wild Tag Gulf Wild Snapper

Try it out for yourself right Here!

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