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Chef Comella’s Culinary Creations

Our beloved Chef Comella has done it again, this time by formulating a very unique line of custom Seasonings and Spices for your dining pleasure. Chef Comella’s Seasonings and Spice blends are formulated with only natural Herbs and Spices with no Additives, Fillers or MSG added. Chef Comella’s Seasoning and Spice Blends will deliver a pure taste experience to enhance your favorite Seafood, Beef, Chicken and Pork. Check out our NEW spice selection below!

-Chef Comella’s Bayou Cajun Citrus Seasoning: Kick it up a notch with this unique blend of southern spice and sweetness. Bayou Cajun Citrus is great on Shrimp, Frog Legs, Catfish and Mahi Mahi.

-Chef Comella’s Thai Coconut Rub: Oriental Island Flavors enhance your favorite seafood items. Try this on Sea Scallops or Chilean Sea Bass.

-Chef Comella’s Kansas City Steak Crust: A hearty blend of garlic, onion, pepper and special seasonings brings out the all-natural flavors of the grill. You can also try it on your favorite salmon!

-Chef Comella’s Texas Mesquite BBQ Rub: Excellent on Ribs, Swordfish, Grouper and Snapper.

-Chef Comella’s Blood Orange Pepper Seasoning: Use this one-of-a-kind special seasoning on any of your favorite seafood dishes. Expect a delicate sweetness with a hint of pepper.

-Chef Comella’s Fish Fry Dip and Batter: A special blend of seasonings and spices turns your fish fry into the world’s best. This dip and batter is a must have for Lake Erie Yellow Perch and Walleye!

Take home a few packets of Chef Comella’s Seasonings and Spices and bring out the natural and flavorful taste of your favorite dish tonight!

*Please remember to store all Seasonings and Spice Blends in a cool dry area away from sunlight.

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