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Go Wild with Gulf Wild!

October is National Seafood Month, and what better way to celebrate than with Gulf Wild Snapper and Grouper! Our Gulf Wild Snapper and Grouper land weekly, provided by our friends from the Gulf of Mexico Reef Fish Alliance. Yes, quite a mouthful, we know… But what this means is that a group of fishermen and associated dealers strictly adhere to catch share requirements. These fishermen are dedicated to the sustainability of harvest reef fish from the Gulf to ensure future growth of stock.  This assures you that the Gulf Wild label on grouper, snapper, and other seafood came from a well-monitored and continuously improving fishery under innovative catch share management plans. But this is only the beginning!

One word we thrive on here at Euclid Fish is transparency. “Transparency implies openness, communication, and accountability. Transparency is operating in such a way that it is easy for others to see what actions are performed.” With this word in mind, we always keep our chefs and customers our top priority which is why we partnered with Gulf Wild. Their full catch transparency allows you to check the tags on each fish from their website and know the exact 10 mile square radius where your fish was caught. The uniquely numbered gill tag on every fish tracks it all: Who harvested your fish, from where within the expansive Gulf Waters, even at what port your fish landed. Now that is impressive!  For more information, visit their website right Here!
GO Wild!

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