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How to Properly Handle Seafood

June 18, 2012

As with any type of food, the leading cause of foodborne illness is improper food handling, preparation, and storage. Let us help you with these proper seafood handling tips!


Responsible Fishmongering

Growing populations means that sustainabilty can be and will be reached through BAP (Best Aquaculture Practices) Aquaculture and responisble fish mongering

Just Put It In the Bag!

Bag?  Well more like a foil pouch, but here is a great way to serve up your favorite fish. Prepare: Use fresh 4 oz portion of fish fillet or bring one frozen portion to room temperature Season: Brush with olive oil and sprinkle with your choice of fish rub, like Old Bay Seasoning, or freshen… Read More ›

Fish to Fight the Flu?

Fish has be recognized as one of the six top immune boosting foods. These fish can be prepared quite simply by seasoning and baking in the oven at 350 degrees. An approximate ten minutes per each inch of thickness is recommended cooking times. The EFC Kitchen also has other great recipes posted.

2 Easy Sustainable Seafood Apps

One notable technology from the Golbon Fall Partner’s Conference was the increased functionality of two notable sustainable seafood mobile phone applications. These applications are built so consumers can source sustainable seafood whether at the grocery store or when finding a restaurant in town.

How To Cook the Perfect Clambake

Follow us on Twitter @EuclidFishCo and tell us about your clambake!

Advantages of Farmed Salmon

The Euclid Fish Company loves farmed salmon – why? Because we always have it in stock and the Euclid Fish Kitchen is always coming up with delicious recipes which have been featured in Cleveland’s News Herald.

The Fresh Test

Our customers, from the Market or Wholesale, always ask us how to identify fresh fish.  We call this the Fresh Test, its incredibly easy, just rely on your five senses like you would for a piece of fruit or package of poultry. Smell – Always ask to smell a piece of fish at a market… Read More ›

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