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New At Euclid Fish Company

Euclid Fish Company has just finished our new state of the art food service kitchen!


Chef Comella’s Culinary Creations

Our beloved Chef Comella has done it again, this time by formulating a very unique line of custom Seasonings and Spices for your dining pleasure. Chef Comella’s Seasonings and Spice blends are formulated with only natural Herbs and Spices with no Additives, Fillers or MSG added. Chef Comella’s Seasoning and Spice Blends will deliver a… Read More ›

Honey Smoked Salmon

The Wonder Food.

Chef Terrie on New Day Cleveland

For those of you who had missed Chef Terrie’s segment on New Day Cleveland, no worries, everything you need to know is right here!

Feast of Seven Fishes- Squid Recipes

Tis’ the season for another Italian Tradition for the Feast of Seven Fishes.

Feast of Seven Fishes- Baccala Recipes

Continued from our last blog on the Feast of Seven Fishes, here is a start to some of our favorite Holiday recipes. Our first featured traditional item- Baccala.

A Feast of Seven Fishes!

Celebrate this holiday season with the Feast of Seven Fishes!

Seafood for all!

Stay healthy this holiday season- Eat more seafood!

Thanksgiving Deals in the Market!

Check out these excellent Thanksgiving Deals!

Maine Lobster

5 Steps to Cooking Live Lobsters

This September Our Store has 2- 1.25 lb Live Lobsters on sale for $19.99 from Maine! This is an incredible deal, however one obstacle for many people is learning how to cook them. We have boiled (pun intended) down the instructions to boost your confidence and get to cooking!

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