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Chef Terrie on New Day Cleveland

For those of you who had missed Chef Terrie’s segment on New Day Cleveland, no worries, everything you need to know is right here!


How To Cook the Perfect Clambake

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Catch Of the Week – Yellow Perch

Yellow Perch is sourced from Lake Erie but caught and processed in Canada. The fish is caught wild and only lives in fresh water. Before buying any fish check on its quality using our Fresh Test. This fish is best prepared pan fried, baked, or deep fried with the skin on.

Catch of the Week – Halibut

Pacific Halibut is caught in Alaska and British Columbia. When whole, the fish is flat, diamond shape, and brown in color. Follow our Fresh Test when buying any fish, however halibut should be white and firm. This fish can be grilled, poached, or pan seared to accentuate the fish’s flavor.

Recipe of The Week: Easy Fish Tacos

It is recommended to eat fish twice a week to seek out many of its health benefits including heart health, brain strength, and bone health.  One easy way to incorporate this recommendation is to substitute beef or chicken with light fish such as halibut, mahi- mahi, flounder, or swai.  Swai is EFC Kitchen’s favorite for… Read More ›

The Fresh Test

Our customers, from the Market or Wholesale, always ask us how to identify fresh fish.  We call this the Fresh Test, its incredibly easy, just rely on your five senses like you would for a piece of fruit or package of poultry. Smell – Always ask to smell a piece of fish at a market… Read More ›

Clambake Menus, Prices and Video

Learn everything you need to know to cook the best clambake in Northeast Ohio

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