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Take One… or a Dozen Back At Oyster Happy Hour!

Oysters, Oysters, and MORE Oysters! We just can’t seem to get enough of them, and neither can our customers.


Updates from the Boston Seafood Expo

Welcome to the world of the seafood; An industry that is always changing, yet remains to be one of the most fascinating industries in the world.

Thinkin’ Raw!

Something about the summer brings out the cravings in our local foodies to enjoy the flavors of the ocean.  More so than ever, we have found that there is no better way than to satisfy those cravings with delicious raw shellfish. Continuously growing in popularity, we have seen increasing demand in raw oysters and clams!… Read More ›

Locale vs. Local

Local vs. Locale. What does it mean?

Thanksgiving Deals in the Market!

Check out these excellent Thanksgiving Deals!

The Wonderful World of Shellfish

Learn about different varieties of shell fish at EFC

Catch of the Week: Oysters

EFC suggests eating Oysters out of the shell in the raw to really discover its true flavors. Flavors can be accentuated with a Mingonette Sauce or home-made Cocktail Sauce.

Hurricane Season Affects Fishing Harvests

Recent hurricanes and tropical storms hitting the Gulf of Mexico and East Coast have not only put the power out but put fisherman at bay. These storms have lowered the amount of fish available to harvest not only because it is dangerous to fish, but after a storm hits, the ocean and gulf need time to settle.

EFC Oyster

Reduced Mississippi Oyster Yield – What does this mean for you?

The Associated Press reported on July 16, 2011, the effects on oystering since the Missouri levee releases in May 2011. Since oysters are a stationary species, they cannot escape the fresh water being released while shrimp and crabs can. The Mississippi Department of Marine Resources will determine by the end of August if the season will continue or if the harvest will be pushed back a year for recovery.

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